Products availability

Resumption of manufacturing activities at Stallergenes Greer’s Antony, France plant

Stallergenes Greer is recovering from the temporary suspension of production and distribution of its manufacturing plant in Antony.

Since February, 2016 the uptake in distribution is being conducted progressively in order to ensure product availability and supply, as we have to manage our production capacity to cover 70 and more countries worldwide. Stallergenes Greer has recommenced manufacturing and distribution of ORALAIR®, ACTAIR®, and ALYOSTAL® Venom, as well as STALORAL® sublingual solutions (with most prevalent allergens) and Skin Prick Tests. As for the regional / rare allergens and mixes for Sublingual Named Patient Products, the manufacturing of Subcutaneous Named Patient Products ALUSTAL® and PHOSTAL® and ALBEY® Venom, their production has been activated as well.

Stallergenes Greer is more than ever committed to build on experience to offer state-of-the-art solutions to allergy specialists and allergic patients, underpinned by a Quality driven approach across industrial Operations. To this end, they are fully engaged to work with international regulators in the journey to bring Allergy Immunotherapy to the highest standards.

If you are a patient it is important that you refer to your doctor who prescribed your allergy immunotherapy and who is in the best position to provide personalized medical advices.

Any adverse events should be reported to your national medical authority or to the Stallergenes Greer representative in your country.

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